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Commercial Architecture

Design of Retail Centers, Tenant Spaces, Office Buildings, & Restaurants


We'll help you plan your project to optimize the building square footage, resolve complex building code, parking & zoning issues,and obtain planning approvals to make your project successful.



Custom Home Designs

Design of Custom & Luxury Mediterranean & Spanish Colonial Homes. 


We specialize in Contemporary & Traditional Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial Homes. We'll help you choose materials, colors, and details that reference authentic Mediterranean & Spanish style homes.

Historic Architecture

Renovations of Shotgun Houses, Period Cottages, and Historic Buildings.


Need assistance with historic approvals? Have an adaptive re-use project? We'll help you navigate through historical design guidelines and approvals from local historic district jurisdictions for your addition or renovation.

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"10 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Architect"

if you are planning to build and not wing it yourself."

Define your project before you start.

Starting a building project without the expertise of an architect can be confusing and challenging because there are many choices to make and a myriad of factors to consider. We help you define what you want to build by putting the design, technical, cost, and regulatory requirements of your project into an understandable order of importance before you decide to go ahead with your building project. We can help you sort through the maze of building codes, complex regulatory processes of building permit, planning, and zoning departments at city, state and federal levels. 


What can an Architect help you with today?

Need help starting your project but don't know where to start?

Go to our Resources Page to receive additional Planning Guides. Our planning guides will help lay the ground work for you project if you are thinking about building. Early planning will help you avoid project pitfalls associated with most projects due to lack of information.

Free 15 minute telephone consultation to help you get the information you need to start your project.

If you are planning to build, we offer a free 15-minute phone consultation with an architect to help you determine your project's budget, regulatory requirements, and to show you a pathway to permitting.

Need to establish a Project Budget?

Go to our Resources Page or click below to download your free Project Budget Worksheet. The #1 cause of budget over runs is rushing to the design phase before establising a realistic project budget This is like a doctor rushing a patient to surgery without a proper diagnosis. An out of control project is stressful, massively expensive and unnecessary. Download your project budget worksheet below.

2-hour Design Project Consultation

Need quick sketches and information to see if the building, home, or addition you’re thinking of is feasible? Click Button below to schedule a 2-hour Design Consultation. The workshop helps lay the groundwork for your project. It is a design consultation that gives you lots of information and quick sketches of your project geared to help you find the facts about your project before you decide to build.

Project Starter Pack:  A Low Commitment Consulation

Is your budget realistic?

Are there any less expensive alternatives to adding on or remodeling?

What are the zoning requirements associated with your project's location?

Just as you would not expect your doctor to prescribe a medication for you without first diagnosing your illness, likewise it is very risky to begin design without first establishing your project's unique objectives and parameters. it is for this reason we  have developed a customized Needs, Cost, and Options review, a necessary first step to carefully establishing the ground for your project. What this means is that decisions made at the beginning of your project have great impact on the options you have available later. Investing well early in the process will pay huge dividends  over the life of your project and the less roadblocks you will encounter. Click below to learn more about our Project Starter Pack.

Roland A. Arriaga in New Orleans, LA on Houzz
Roland A. Arriaga in New Orleans, LA on Houzz
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