Free Planning Guides


The first steps to planning your project can be found by requesting your free copy of each of the guides below. Our planning guides will help lay the ground work for you project if you are thinking about building. Early planning will help you avoid project pitfalls associated with most projects due to lack of information.


Project Planning Guide

Your complete guide to planning your project.

This guide is a complete resource for homeowner's and building owners who are planning to build, remodel, add-on, or renovate. It is a valuable tool designed to guide you along the design process and how to work with your architect. This planning guide helps you approach your project in a systematic manner.


Get the Project Planning Pack now Before You Start Your Building Project.


Register here to receive your free copy of the Residential Planning Guide and future updates.

Needs and Options Study


The 1st step in establishing the groundwork for your project.

The Needs and Options Study is low committment consultation service that includes a Needs, and Options review designed to find out everything you need to know about your project before you decide to build. It puts all aspects of your project into an understandable order of importance establishing the groundwork and roadmap for your project. Receive a copy of the  Needs and Options Assessment request here and fill in your contact information and email the form back to us to schedule a free consultation.

Summary of Architectural Services


What does an architect do?

This is a handy one-page summary of what an architect does and the sequential design phases a project goes through. These phases are the breakdown of how architects define their design services and the architects role in design. Register here to receive a free PDF copy of the  Summary Architectural Design Phases.

Project Budget Worksheet


Need to establish a project budget?

The Project Budget Worksheet will help you outline costs for your project. Your architect can help you set aside funds to finance the various costs, including architect fees and interest on the loans. The #1 cause of budget over-runs is rushing to the design phase before establising a realistic project budget. This is like a doctor rushing a patient to surgery without a proper diagnosis. An out of control project is stressful and massively expensive. Properly budgeting at the beginning of your project will save you stress & cost overruns down the road. Download your free Project Budget Worksheet here.

How To Hire An Architect


Ease your worries and hire the right architect.

Few things are more exciting than building a new home or building, or watching your old one change before your eyes. And the person who will affect the outcome of your project the most is the architect. His or her plan will dictate the ultimate appearance and function of your project, as well as the financial costs and emotional toll involved in its construction. Download this free guide on the steps in hiring and working with an Architect by subscribing here for updates and information.

Client Guide: How To Prepare For Your Design Project


Need help starting a project but don't know where to start?

Renovating or building a house can and should be really exciting. However too
often we hear stories, unexpected surprises, misunderstandings between the
contractor, the client and the architect on the contracted scope of the project, and
allowances for items not specified in the contract. This guide will help you establish the groundwork for your design project and will put certain aspect of your project into an understandable order of importantance. Sign up and download your free guide here.

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